The NCRG Museum & Morse Keys

Over the years the club has had many radios, test gear, valves, etc etc donated for use or display.

We are in the process of trying to display as many items as possible at the Club House.

At present we have a couple of Valve Displays, Vintage Meters, Sounders etc in cabinets and approx 40 transmitters / transceivers  / receivers on display in the meeting room and up on the mezzanine floor.

This is very much work in progress, and will be added to when time permits.

We don’t seek donations but if you have something unusual that we don’t have already, maybe you can consider bringing it along and we will try and find a home for it ?

01 IMG_1292


After much searching and persuasion, we were lucky to locate the excellent collection of Morse Keys owned by Dave Couch VK6WT ( now SK ).

Dave’s family agreed to us putting them on display at the club and we are eternally greatfull for their help !

Keith VK6KB has been cleaning them up (when he has the time!) and putting them on display in our meeting room.

The collection is over 170 keys strong and at present most of the straight keys are on display, hopefully some of the ” bugs” and ” cootees” will be there soon as well.

If you visit on a Sunday morning or at meetings you can have a look at those on display.

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There is also a small ‘old equipment’ museum gathering at the club.

Still quite a work in progress, however there is plenty of older Amateur Radio equipment – some of it in working condition being put on display. Also old QSL cards and photgraph collections from the club archives are in place.

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We will eventually also have an old Vaccuum tube / Valve bank for those that need to find some glowing glass for their restoration projects. At this stage there is a limited number, but a heap of receiving tubes will be put in the NCRG store catalogue soon.

We think it's the best Amateur Radio Club in VK