About us

The Northern Corridor Radio Group (NCRG) is an Amateur Radio Club situated about 20km north of the city centre in Perth, Western Australia.

The club was founded in 1985 by a small group of local amateur radio operators (hams) and was based for many years in the Carine College of TAFE. Due to the College closing down in 2002 a new venue had to be found.

After much searching a site was found in Whiteman Park, about 30 mins north east from the city centre. The club members set about finding a suitable building and with the help of Gerald (VK6XI), a large building of suitable design was found and erected on the site. This has been an ongoing project for the past couple of years but we now have a very fine clubhouse called The Neil Penfold State Amateur Radio Centre (NPSARC) and antenna farm (see pic.)

Antennas include a number of HF yagi and wire antennas. There are also 2 meter, 70 cms and 6 meter beams mounted above the HF antennas.

There are also 2 air-conditioned operating rooms, toilet & shower, kitchen, office and workshop.  Other features include displays of old radios, morse code keys, meters and valves and a large hanging collection of QSL cards.  Two external sheds (B Shed and C Shed) are used for construction and temporary storage.

VK6ANC, one of the two club callsigns is very active on the bands. VK6NC, our other callsign, now appears in most of the big contests.  VK6NE is also held by the Club and is only used for the Oceania DX Contest.

The official opening of the Neil Penfold State Amateur Radio Centre occured on Sunday, March 14, 2004 at 10:00

The club meets on the  4th Sunday of the month at 9:00am for a business meeting . Meetings are held at NPSARC. Most Sunday mornings members will also be in attendance from 8:00am until around lunchtime.

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