To become a Amateur Radio Operator requires a certificate issued by the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority). Callsigns are issued once a Certificate has been obtained from the ACMA by sitting an assessment exam conducted by an assessor registered with the ACMA.  Assessors can be found on the ACMA web site.

Most Assessors are associated with a Radio Club that can be found on the WIA web site. Bookings for courses and exams are usually done through a club.

There are three levels of certificates for Amateur Radio

  • Foundation
  • Standard
  • Advanced

Foundation licenses are considered “entry level” into Amateur Radio with access to three bands using AM, SSB, & CW and three bands using AM, SSB, FM, & CW. Bands are 80m, 40, 15m, 10m, 2m, & 70cm. Although this is an entry level many Foundation Operators have remained at this level for many years and continue to do so without upgrading. There is no need to upgrade unless you wish to participate in other modes of operation or bands not available to Foundation licensees.

There is also no need to start with a Foundation license either, you can sit for Standard or Advanced license exam without passing a Foundation exam however if you have not passed a practical exam normally associated with a Foundation exam then you will need to pass the practical as well. The practical consists of hands on demonstrations with oral questions and on-air contacts.

Ham College Inc. have an online Foundation course consisting of either web based or media based course covering both Foundation theory and practical courses. These are designed for those who cannot or who do not wish to attend a course.

Those wishing to attend a course at the NCRG clubrooms the following courses will be available at different times of the year

  • Foundation course (Includes both theory and practical)
  • Practical Assessment course
  • Standard theory course
  • Regulations course (for Standard & Advanced licenses)
  • Advanced theory course

Courses are run from the NCRG Club rooms facilities in Whiteman Park. Access is via Gnangara Road, gate access leads to the Equestrian Centre and gates MUST be kept closed at all times.

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