License Assessments (Exams) are carried out by Assessors registered with the AMC on behalf of the ACMA. At any examination at NCRG two AMC Assessors will conduct the examination. Only the AMC will assess the results of the examination and advise candidates of the results, usually within two or three weeks.

On passing (Competent) an assessment the AMC will issue a Certificate of Proficiency for the level passed, all assessments required for the level of proficiency must be passed before a certificate is issued. The AMC will forward candidate license request form to the ACMA along with callsign recommendation. The ACMA will then issue an invoice for a license that must be paid before issuing the license. All forms required will be available at the examination.

Candidates are required to provide photographic identification (drivers license) and examination fees paid before examination papers are handed out. Under 18 years of age candidates with no personal photographic identification will require parental or legal guardian attesting to candidates identification (usually parents/guardians photographic ID and Medicare card in their name with candidates name included).

Further information on assessments can be viewed on the AMC web site at this >link<.

Fees for Assessments can be seen on AMC web site.

All assessments passed are valid indefinitely with the exception of the Practical assessment which is valid for only 12 months.

All bookings for assessment MUST be made no less than three weeks in advance.

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