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NCRG Exam Service

Later this year the club will be carrying out exams and training sessions at the NCRG premises, a new training room has been built !

Training And Assessment Contact

Club training course coordinator

Phil van Leen – LF-093
Email :

Please get in touch with Phil for the latest news.

Fixing the 40m beam the safe way

Well, if you need to fix that 3 element 40m yagi antenna on the tower with some VSWR issues – what to do?

Simple, just unbolt and bring it down to ground level for adjustment and repair, then put it back in the sky again. (Just use a crane that’s tall enough to reach the antenna).

Thanks to some very good NCRG supporters, including Future Systems, this is how we get to fix the best Ham antennas in WA.

Also you need some keen members to assist. It’s only thanks to that sort of dedication in a club that this stuff happens.



Watch the video, click here.





NCRG JOTA activity from the club in October

Watch out, there will be a number of Scouts participating in JOTA from the club station in October.


Get in contact if you would like to assist us or if you are a DX station that wants to organise some scheds and reliable HF contacts on that weekend. We would like to hear from you to pre-plan some on-air activities.

New radios always get tried out at the club.

Here’s a few quick snapshots of some new radios that have recently been tested from the club shack. With a good location and antenna, radios do perform at their best.

The NCRG welcomes new members who want to get on air or perhaps have just gained a license and would like to see what is possible on the HF airwaves, whether to use the club station, try out their recent purchase of old or new gear or even just discuss operating techniques.




Lotterywest supports NCRG


The NCRG is greatly thankful to have lotterywest support this year.

In support of getting the club remote station operating, they have contributed to the club getting some new radio equipment.

All members and Amateur’s in the community without a suitable HF station at home (due to whatever reason) will soon (TBA) be able to continue their hobby with the help of the NCRG and some of the best facilities anywhere in Australia.



The SteppIR antenna is already in place and the new equipment rack is taking shape. Stay tuned.


VK6RNC repeater video online.

This has been added to the club repeater status page.  The NCRG works to keep all their equipment in service for all Amateur operators to use. Hopefully it won’t be too long before full service coverage is restored on VK6RNC.